Where I’d Rather Spend My Time


When I grew up, I realized that I’m at the stage where time is limited. So I try to invest my time properly. There are so many people (friends, family, work, love) involved in your life that you can only do so little for your own. What I do is I trade some tasks for other things I want to do.

  • When I want to jam to music, I do it while cleaning my flat.
  • When I want to penny-pinch and window shop/price check in various malls, I trade that for my supposed time to jog. Walking around the mall is exercise (and fun).
  • When I want to walk the dog, I make sure I do it with some of my errands in tow (laundry, bills payment, etc).
  • When I want to watch tons of movies/TV shows to catch up, I eat at the same time (LOL I think everybody does this).

Anyway, the chart above really got me thinking and it’s actually true so I thought I’d multi-task more in order to save time. I try to be less busy as much as possible but things/invites/errands just pop up.

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