Easy Baby Shower Games

Want to instill fun in your shower minus the work and time for preparation? Here are easy baby shower games that won’t require so much from you. These are guaranteed fun, too!

oh baby

Don’t Call Me “Baby” (source: parents.com)

You’ll need one diaper pin for each guest. When guests arrive, give each one a diaper pin to put on her shirt. Explain the rules when you give out the pins — throughout the shower, no one can say the word “baby.” When someone slips and says “baby” — and someone will! — the person who catches her gets her pin. Whoever has the most pins at the end of the shower wins.

Baby Bottle Drinking Game (source: voices.yahoo.com)

Fill up bottles of your guests’ choice of drink. Then say “GO” and have your guests drink the entire contents of the bottle. The person that drinks it all first wins.

Guess Mom-to-be’s tummy size (source: todaysparent.com)

You will need a ball of string or yarn (or even toilet paper) and scissors. Each guest cuts a piece of string or yarn they think will fit around the center of Mom-to-be’s belly, then take turns to see who’s closest to her size. The guest whose string fits the best wins!

Dolly Hot Potato (source: babycenter.com)

All you need is a baby doll (or any other baby-themed item) and a timer. Have the guests sit in a circle and pass the doll from one person to another. The timer should go off at sporadic intervals; when it does, whoever’s holding the doll is out. The last person in the game wins a small prize.

Variation: Whoever’s caught holding the doll has to give one piece of advice to the mom-to-be or share a story about a tough or funny parenting moment. Guests without kids of their own can share an episode from their own childhood.

Baby Song Game (source: voices.yahoo.com)

Play parts of songs that have “Baby” in the song. Have guests guess that name of the song. If you want to make it harder make them guess the right artist as well.

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