Acne Prevention Tips

acne prevention tips

Sometimes, acne maybe caused by PMS. But if you find yourself often a magnet for acne, then maybe some of these tips can help you reduce or totally eradicate facial acne.

Stop Touching Your Face

If you have a habit of touching your face, try to stop it as much as possible. Our hands touch a lot of things (doorknobs, elevator buttons, mobile phone, steering wheel, coffee cup, etc) and the bacteria from those things may transfer to the face.

Change Sheets Often

Your pillowcase, bedsheet, and blanket should be washed and changed every 2 weeks. You may not be aware how much dirt have accumulated on those “comfy” bedding. Try to sleep with a clean face towel placed on top of your pillow every night, too.

Have A Checkup
Don’t hesitate to visit a derma. He/she can determine what products may be safe for your skin. A regular facial can help, too.

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