Awesome Room Design Ideas

The home is where the heart is. Make sure it speaks well about your heart. Your warmth and bright inner self should be reflected by the very home you live in. Want some design ideas on how to vamp up your space? Here are some I found which are very self-doable. If you don’t have the gift for DIY and a bit of carpentry, you may want to ask assistance from someone who can.


Very open and fun. Simple white walls and ceiling then colorful furnishings. Substitute one shelf for TV and a game console and you have a nice entertainment room/library.

Cozy and effortless! Just invest on some plush pillows and a projector. Nice sound system would be great, too.\


Playing with lights can help make a room look so nice. If you are scared of mixing colors then this simple cool color palette is for you.

This is perfect for cramped space. Bright/light colors can make a room look bigger. The blue sky on the right is a very creative addition, too.

Cozy bed, curtains, lights. That’s it and you’ve got yourself an awesome bedroom. Anyone would love to fall into a deep sleep on such a bed.


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