Space-Saving Home Ideas

You may have noticed that living spaces today are getting smaller and smaller. It’s easy to decipher that land property gets more and more expensive and residential building developers want to maximize space in order to reap in more profit. If you are living or will be living in a space that may be smaller than usual, then you may want to consider the following household items or design ideas to have that won’t eat all of your space.

When maximizing space, think vertically space-wise. The loft bed/double deck style is chic and space efficient. Take note of the stairs, too. They can serve as drawers for your things instead of having to place a dresser or drawer. You may place shoes in them, too, so that you won’t have to get a shoe closet or storage. Get a corkboard or blackboard and hang it on the wall beside your bed for those important memos you need to remember.


Purchase light-colored furniture and items, and paint walls in lighter colors to give off a much bigger space. Plus, the vibrant colors can give a cheerful atmosphere. Hanging mirrors can make the space look bigger, too.


Purchase foldable yet stylish furniture. Tables and chairs for example. This way, they can be easily stored away when not needed, leaving you with more space. Take them out when you have more guests. Hang them on the wall like the table pictured above so you could store other things in your cabinets or storage room.


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