On Ninongs and Ninangs

handWelcoming babies to the Christian world is a very traditional and religious practice that occurs normally in the country. But there are certain practices involving that tradition that needs to be changed. I’m talking about choosing godparents for your child/children.

Usually, people look for the richest people to serve as ninongs and ninangs for their children. They even invite lots to serve as godparents a.k.a. financial support. Harsh as it may sound, there’s truth to it.

I do not want to step on anybody’s toes and if that’s how you want to choose godparents, fine. All I’m saying is that godparents were primarily introduced to serve as secondary parents to children. Their responsibilities involve guiding and teaching children to become good people of society and of the church, not supplying them with lots of money or toys during birthdays and Christmas.

When choosing godparents, think of the people who will truly care and unconditionally love your child/children if (God forbid) something happens to you and your husband/wife. Those are the kinds of godparents you child/children deserve.

Plus, choosing the godparents of your child/children is something you are doing for your child/children. Make sure you choose the best ones for him/her/them.


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