Lazada Philipppines: Reliability comes first

In 2010, a local university in the Philippines conducted a study about why e-commerce has been the number one source of purchasing contention among avid shoppers in the country. Despite the boom of electronic transactions at the time, it was considerably noticed that online shopping was not stepping up to the plate when it came to revenue streaming and attracting a local following of purchase spenders. Upon analysis it was concluded that a common denominator was established, which held back most local shoppers in engaging in online shopping and this was the lack of security. Security in this case is defined as the lack of protection for both personal and financial information over the web.

reliabilityThe e-commerce industry has gone a long way since the establishment of that case study. With the introduction of Lazada Philippines into the e-commerce local spectrum, online shopping has been revitalized and has a new face- a positive one that teems with profit and benefit for both merchant and customer alike.

Lazada Philippines has re- imagined customer security for all its shoppers by employing the most secure and reliable customer information protection you can find over the web. With Lazada Philippines, consumers are now able to put trust in a store that provides them with convenient shopping, while keeping a close eye on every transaction made with high encryption protection and a secure network.

What makes the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall stand out from the rest of its competitors? They don’t spare any detail when it comes to safeguarding their customers. It starts out from their product display pages to the secure order transaction screen. Because of these security measures, every shopper is guaranteed a safe haven to shop and its absolutely comfortable to transact whenever and wherever.


The Lock icon on every page of the Lazada online supermall is a virtual guarantee of the highest level of security known to the cyberspace universe. Each page of the Lazada website operates under a secure socket layer or SSL encryption base. This means that all information that passes through the Lazada  website cannot be read by any third party. Everything you do from which products you select, to the mode of payment you decide is strictly between you and Lazada Philippines.

We Will Turn You Into a Believer!

Are you still a skeptic about putting in your credit information online?  No Problem! Lazada Philippines is the only online shopping mall in the Philippines that offer a no-credit card purchase option for all its consumers! You can select BDO bank installments, ATM assisted payments or the exciting Cash on Delivery system. The  Philippines Online Shopping Mall understands every customer’s need for security and these options will help expedite the purchasing process faster and with more confidence.

The revolution for shopping convenience is at a record peak. With Lazada leading the charge in shopping security and safety for all Filipino consumers, there is an expected growth in awareness on the convenience and comfort that online shopping brings in the local scene. More and more avid shoppers are discovering the benefits of shopping at Lazada. If you haven’t already tried it, you should! Start your online shopping revolution now!


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