Trusting Online Shops: Makes Sense or Nonsense?

I used to detest online shops because I have been a victim of a scam and although it was just a small amount that I could just probably let go and forget I didn’t. You might think that I am making a big deal out of nothing but in reality if you are going to think about it, there is more to it than merely not being able to deliver a product but it is about breaking trust. I believe that being able to rely and depend on the online store is very critical for online shoppers since there are far too many unknowns here. It is a good thing that my sister-in-law found Lazada Philippines and tried their service and referred this site to me.


Naturally I was hesitant at first but I know that I have to be comfortable with the thought of online shopping since I don’t have the time to go to the mall and pick up the things that I need like clothes and stuff for the house and my family. I have a tight schedule and the only available time I have is right between in the middle of sleep and I am pretty certain that there is no mall that is still open at that time. Fortunately when I tried Lazada it was truly like the Philippines Online Shopping Mall (and more).

Good Company

Just to be sure I checked out the background of Lazada Philippines, you can never be too careful about this things especially since I already had a horrible experience before. I was pleasantly surprised to know that Lazada was built by Rocket Internet, one of the most successful and biggest growing online venture builders in the world. In fact they have started more than a hundred successful online businesses from different parts of the globe to their credit, pretty amazing, right?

When I found out about this I was relieved to the point that I knew I could trust Lazada Philippines. Why? Because there is no way that a huge company like Rocket Internet will stake its name and reputation for a venture that is just a scam or cannot deliver. We have all experienced this right? We sometimes buy products not because we are familiar with it but because we know the credibility of its maker and we trust that. Well I trust the profile of Rocket Internet ergo I know it makes a lot of sense to trust Lazada.


Quality Customer Service

Once I started transacting with Lazada I have confirmed my expectations since I have only received the best service from them. For one, they have several payment options that fit my needs. The first time I ordered I didn’t feel like using my credit card so I availed their cash on delivery. Other times, I pay over the counter when I dropped by 7-Eleven and SM Business Centers. And maybe (just maybe) I can also try using my credit card sometime. I am certain that Lazada could deliver more than the customer ever hoped for and for me that is customer service at its finest!


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