Feeling At Ease With Lazada Philippines

I know that online shopping is currently gaining popularity in the country but it is not yet in the level that it should be compared to other more advanced countries. Personally, I am not surprised because I myself took years of convincing from my friends before I actually tried online shopping the first time. In fact if I hadn’t learned more about Lazada Philippines I would probably still be shopping at the mall, enduring traffic and endless lines at the cashier (especially during grand sales).

Cash on Delivery

cash on deliverySo why is it exactly that Filipinos in particular would rather be tired shopping in an establishment than choose the convenience of online stores? For my part (and most of my family members) the answer is simple, I am not comfortable paying using a credit card especially for online transactions and for items that I have yet to physically see and touch. I learned that most, if not all, online shops only wants you to pay through credit card, and if you do, there are risks that you have to take like your account information being hacked or you paying for items that you will never see. I know it is worrisome to think about this but I know for a fact that scams and stealing do happen since I have friends who have experienced such things.

Fortunately, Lazada Philippines which is dubbed as the Philippines Online Shopping Mall, will not give you this problem.  In fact, it went beyond merely addressing the “credit card” issue by taking care of customers’ anxiety as well. Do you know that you can pay in cash if you shop through Lazada? Yes, it is true, better believe it! I was so relieved when I found out that one of their payment options includes cash on delivery. This essentially means that apart from not worrying about paying using my credit card, I get to see the item I ordered, check it, and inspect it even before I even have to pay for it, pretty great right? No more tossing and turning at night as well as wondering if you already lost your money by merely paying for a product even before it arrived. I never knew that online shopping can actually put my mind at ease.

over the counter payment2

Over the Counter Payments

If paying using cash does not excite you and cash on delivery may actually more of a hassle for you because you are seldom at one place at a time, then you don’t have to worry. There is still a way to make your payment to Lazada Philippines and that is through your favorite bank and other popular establishments such as 7-Eleven, pawnshops, SM Business Centers, and a lot more. So how do you go about doing it? Simply visit Lazada-accredited establishments and you can make your payment there. You don’t have to worry because all of these establishments are not hard to find. In fact, since 7-Eleven is one of the stores that accept over the counter payments .I don’t think there would be any problem finding it since there is one store at every corner wherever you are.


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