Lazada offers flexible and versatile payment methods

One of the most transformative aspects of shopping online in the Philippine e-commerce scene has been brought about by the biggest shopping mall in Asia. Lazada Philippines is now a home brand thanks to its convenient online shopping practices that allow virtually every consumer to buy and enjoy their outstanding products.


Shopping has never been so easy thanks to Lazada Philippines and their flexible and versatile payment plans. Because of their checkout system, anyone with a home or office address can register for an account and enjoy the perks of online shopping. Lazada Philippines has come up with smart and customer friendly payment offers. Every kind of set-up when it comes to paying for merchandise is conveniently outlined in the Lazada Philippines payment checkout counter. There is definitely something for everybody when it comes to availing of Lazada merchandise.

International Card Transactions- Globally accepted credit brands are welcomed with open arms at the Lazada payment portal. A popular payment system for most online transactions, any consumer can use their internationally issued Visa and MasterCard credit cards to pay for their Lazada transaction. The payment processing is secure and safe. Upon selecting this payment method, the customer will be redirected to an SSL payment site which is the most protected payment portal access on the internet. After you have successfully completed your transaction, a secure email will be sent  to provide you with the details of your purchase.

Bank Installment Systems- BDO, a top local bank has graciously put in its running as part of the Lazada Philippines payment system by offering a flexible installment scheme for qualified customers. For a minimum purchase of Php 3,000.00 customers will be entitled to pay for their merchandise using the BDO Installment package. Simply select the BDO installment selection on the checkout tab and you will be redirected to the BDO Payment gateway to fill out the application form. Simply confirm your transaction and presto- up to 24 months of convenient staggered payments for all of your favorite shopped items.


ATM Assisted payments- MegaLink which is one of the biggest local ATM providers has also offered it’s services as an available payment method for all Lazada customers. Own a MegaLink atm? Simply select this payment scheme at the checkout counter and you will be presented to your online banking page, where you can conveniently pay for your items using personal funds via your MegaLink associated bank account or MegaLink debit card.

Cash on Delivery (COD)- The most revolutionary of all the payment offers and what makes Lazada Philippines a truly special place to shop. For customers who prefer holding on to their cash, simply opt for the cash on delivery process and enjoy paying for your goods at the comfort of your own home. There is no additional charge or processing fee for this type of transaction, all you need is a valid delivery address and you are good to go. The Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall has set up smart and convenient payment systems so that customers from all walks of life can enjoy the benefits of their outstanding and award-winning online shopping mall.


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