Lazada Philippines Review: Reliability from Start To Finish

Online shopping is a steadily growing industry in the country especially now that a lot of people are living a busy lifestyle where they have very limited time to go to the mall and buy the things that they need. Although there are numerous online stores the problem lies not on finding one but ensuring that you are transacting with one that is legit and can truly be relied upon. For me, this can only be Lazada Philippines.

The stores credibility and dependability is very important to me especially when dealing with online stores wherein I don’t have personal dealings with the people I make transactions with. This is rather scary especially since there are a lot of stories about people who were scammed and tricked into purchasing items that do not really exist or sub-par products being delivered. Rest assured based on my personal experience, you wouldn’t have the same problem with Lazada Philippines which is undoubtedly, the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall. In fact, Lazada has your back from start to finish so there is no need to worry.


easy accessI hate complications, if there is a way to make things simple I do it. So I am glad that Lazada Philippines feel the same way because they have made their website easily accessible and navigation-friendly. At a glance you can readily tell that they spent a great deal of time trying to ensure that their website wouldn’t bring unnecessary trouble to customers.

Items are grouped into categories; there are pictures, product descriptions, and prices – all of which help me a lot in making an informed decision about my purchases. Unlike going to the mall where I have to walk for hours just to know if there are stores that offer good deals; with Lazada walking is simply clicking of the mouse.


cash on delivery2

If you are like me, I dread the thought of paying using my credit card because it makes me uncomfortable paying for something that I have yet to really see and for fear that somebody could hack the system and acquire my credit card information (call me paranoid but I have friends who were victims of this and so the possibility of this situation happening is very real to me). The great thing about Lazada is that they have a lot of payment options and the one I liked best is cash-on-delivery. Imagine paying in cash for your online purchases, pretty incredible right? And that’s not all, you get to hold, see, and inspect the item you bought right before you pay for it, if that is not security, I don’t know what is.

Customer Feedback

Most shopping malls no longer care about your shopping experience because they have tons of customers everyday and even online stores do not bother to get the feedback of their clients. But since Lazada is bent on delivering quality service I have the chance to air my grievance, suggestions, and issues on their feedback page and the same will be immediately addressed. What’s more, I can do this anytime I want. I can rant in the middle of the night in my pajamas and Lazada will have a ready answer for me.








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