Lazada is a website you can lean on

checkAn online shopping websites level of reliability is a defining criterion when a prospective online shopping consumer is trying to make up his mind where he will be doing his online shopping. Since the issue of reliability was brought to the table, we are going to bring up the name  which is an online shopping company that has become very synonymous with the word reliability. If you are looking for an online shopping website,  I would say go with lazada because it is a very reliable online shopping company that you can really trust with your precious and hard earned money. What is the basis of the company’s reliability? What made say with confidence that they are the absolute go to website? Especially now that online shopping websites are showing up all over the internet like wild mushrooms that it made it even more difficult  to tell on at a glance if an online shopping website worthy to be trusted or not. It is really going to be hard to tell simply by looking at how the website looks like.

A little inquiry and a dose of research is going to be needed if you want to make sure that everything is smooth and that the website that you are going to be dealing with is absolutely reliable. What I did was that, I searched around the internet for some facts about the company and here are some of the things that I was able to gather about them:  Lazada Philippines is an online shopping business run by one of the biggest and fastest online venture and business incubator Rocket-Internet. Rocket-Internet is out of Berlin, Germany and that fact alone makes the company one of the most reliable because of the so called German ingenuity and attention to quality. The company has built over 100 portfolio companies with most of them exited successfully.

Rocket-Internet has satellite offices around the world across 42 countries and employs around 15,000 highly skilled individuals and they have been doing it for more than 13 years. This kind of company support coming from a successful company provides Lazada plus points on the reliability scale. Another piece of information that I have  put together while doing my research about them  is that Lazada certified by a world renowned internet security council. PCI-DSS is a security council that ensures the reliability of online shopping websites that process consumer credit card information. It was founded way back 2006 at the height and amidst a lot of security threats in e-commerce, it was put up as some kind of a response to those security threats. PCI-DSS is in charge of the development and management of security standards. To know if the online shopping website you are dealing with is certified by PCI-DSS, you must look for the logo that says it is PCi-DSS certified. If the logo is not there then you can’t be sure if the company you are dealing with is reliable and of course its caveat emptor for you if you still want to shop or buyer beware. You can find the PCI-DSS logo at the bottom right of the website and this assures you that the company is a website you can lean on just like Lazada Philippines.




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