Easy-Shopping Made Easier with Lazada Philippines

Online shopping is without a doubt the easiest way to shop. Trust me I know because I don’t really like shopping but the mere fact that I have new stuff every week bought through Lazada Philippines is a testimony of how convenient it is to shop in this online store.

Multiple Payment Options to Choose From


I don’t know about you but the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of online shopping is paying using my credit card; not surprising right? You shop using the internet it is but logical that you pay online but then again come to think of it, this is one of the top reasons why most people are staying clear of online shopping. Why? Because a lot of individuals (myself included) feel that it is too risky to use your credit card to pay for something that you have only seen yet wouldn’t have until the time that the item is sent to you. I don’t need to try it to know that it would keep me up at night tossing and turning and wondering if I have been scammed or worst if my credit card information has been hacked.

  • Cash

With Lazada Philippines (which by the way is truly THE Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall), this will not even be a concern considering that they have cash-on-delivery (COD) option; meaning even if you don’t have a credit card or not comfortable paying using your plastic, you can shop (yey!)

COD is my preferred payment of choice obviously since I am a worry-wart and I am really not good in trusting people let alone a website. Offering COD is also the reason why I feel secured shopping at Lazada since I highly doubt if they will even consider offering this payment scheme in the first place if they are not legit. And it is really comforting to pay in cash while my precious order is already in my hands.

  • Credit Card

Nevertheless, if you feel easy paying through credit card you can still do so when you shop at Lazada Philippines. The upside is that you don’t have to be anxious since you are assured that they are not out there to trick you. Furthermore, they make sure that every credit card transaction is secured as they have a high-tech system to ensure that you are protected.

  • Over the Counter

over the counter

If paying in cash is not your thing (for some reason) and using your credit card also makes you uncomfortable, can you still shop at Lazada? The answer is, sure you can! There is another payment option that you can use and it is by paying over the counter through your favorite bank. I assume that you visit your bank at least once a month, right? Or if this is still not palatable for you then you can simply pay through Lazada’s accredited popular establishments such as LBC (this is everywhere!), 7-Eleven (there is one at every corner), and SM Business Centers, among others.

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