Lazada Review: The Joy Of Online Shopping, Without Worries!

I love to shop to the point that I can stay in the mall from the time it opens until the time it closes up. I love that I can see all new items as they come but of course I hate that I have to walk from store to store in different buildings just to make sure that I am getting the best deal. I am a wise-spender and I always want to make sure that I am not purchasing a product with a higher price compared to other stores. My friends have always suggested that I try online shopping so that I would stop complaining about how my leg and feet aches after every shopping trip. Well I am not a fan of shopping via the internet; well, that is until I discovered Lazada Philippines.

The reason why I haven’t tried online shopping before was I always had this notion that I might be scammed into paying for something that I will never even get to see. Secondly, I hate paying using credit cards as much as I hate walking all day trying to find products with good prices.

Why do I hate paying using credit cards? Well, I do not like debts and although most people do not realize it (or fail to admit it) credit card will help you incur debt faster than anything because it gives the illusion that you are not really paying since you are not “actually” getting money in your purse to give as payment. If you are under this delusion then just wait until you get your bill and you will be shocked!

Cash on Delivery

cash on delivery

The first thing I learned about Lazada Philippines is that it is truly the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall because it carries wide variety of products for every personality, age, gender, lifestyle, and interest. Nevertheless, the most important part apart from their amazing product portfolio is that I have discovered that I do not have to pay online if I don’t want to but could actually pay for my purchase using cash. Imagine free from hackers that could steal my identity and financial information and most of all I would be free from debt and interest!

But let me emphasize that this payment option of Lazada Philippines that I am so crazy about will not only allow me to pay in the most comfortable way I know how but it will also give me peaceful sleep since it is cash – ON DELIVERY! This means I pay only when my order has arrived, in my hands, after inspection; truly worry and anxiety free at its finest.

Over the Counter Payment

over the counter payment

But then again if you are always out and will not have the time to wait at home for the delivery to come and you are also not keen on paying using your credit card, Lazada also allows you to pay over the counter through your favorite bank and popular establishments such as 7-eleven and SM business centers nationwide.


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