Lazada provides consumers with choices

provides consumer with choicesThe positive effects and impact of Lazada Philippines  on the country’s online shopping industry and Philippine e-commerce can be summarized succinctly and can be described by the following terms, industry game changer and shaker of the status quo.  Lazada Philippines simply fired-off the local online shopping interest by introducing the online retail style of online shopping that is similar to other popular online shopping websites located in the United States and, you might recognize Wal-Mart as a traditional retail giant in the U.S but they have since dabbled in e-commerce because that is where it is at.

Our local online shopping mall Lazada Philippines is looked at favourably as the game changer because of its brand spanking new and fresh online retail concept in a local e-commerce industry that has been hugely taken over and awash with online marketplace websites for a very very long time. Those online market place websites I am referring to are the likes of   of,,, and a lot of other small players in the game. The main idea and concept of these websites is the buy and sell or the swap meet style which is not really the retail online shopping that we are talking about and comparing with. Just to provide you an idea of how online market place website works if you have not tried it yet, it is like one of those traditional bric-a-bracs or ukay-ukay or in short flea market where people gather to sell different and all sorts of stuff either brand new, used or second hand. The only difference against the traditional ukay-ukay is that it gathers a lot of different sellers. The markets can be held anywhere that has huge spaces for setting tables, tents and other selling implements and can be done on a holiday or any day, it could last a week, a month or even several months depending on the organization that put it up. They even sell food and drinks and even provide entertainment during these bazaars. Now translate that to being online and bring that bazaar over to the World Wide Web, the result is the online market place website. The only thing that you can’t replicate over the internet though is the selling of food and drinks for obvious reasons of course.

The online marketplace websites like sulit, ebay and the others I have mentioned earlier provides a space for people to sell their wares similar to the folks selling their stuff at bazaars. It caught on for a while because it is very easy to do and there are no online retail stores like Lazada Philippines that introduces simple transactions and convenience of shopping right in the comforts of the consumer’s home and in front of their computers while doing their daily routines which is something that a consumer can never have if they are dealing with sellers because they still have to get out there and schedule a meet up to get their hands on the goods that they are trying to purchase. With Lazada, consumers have a choice, the choice to be as convenient as possible.


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