Two payment methods that Lazada offers for your convenience

two payment methods

The online payment methods provided by the Philippines online mall and premium retail store has been a really great innovation based on the wide reception by their customers. The company started offering alternative payment methods apart from the regular default payment methods that are normally available to get to other market segments and consumers. The company has pretty veered away from complex means of payments and has made everything very easy, simple and secured for customers so they can focus on what they really came to Lazada for which is of course utmost online shopping enjoyment and pleasure.

The payment method that an online shopping company provides to its consumers can make or break an online shopping company’s success because it is one of the primary things that an online shopping consumer is looking for when hunting for a new online shopping company to shop on. It also allows a company to reach out to other market segments that are not into online shopping before. It allows the company to have a steady flow of customers that makes its e-commerce venture more profitable and feasible. The online retail store Lazada Philippines offers two payment methods; the first one is the credit card payment method which is something that is already expected since a lot of online shopping companies offer this payment method as their default payment method. It is very natural for e-commerce companies to utilize credit card payment methods as it is more streamlined, more organized and easier.

Everything is done electronically without the need for the consumer or the merchant to physical interact with each other. The only drawback is that it effectively pushes away consumer who does not own a credit card. That is what Lazada tried to solve when they decided to offer an online payment solution that does not require the online shopper to own a credit card just to shop online. Enter cash on delivery payment method, a payment method that is so simple that it is like shopping in your neighborhood store. Lazada realized that for them to reach out and be recognized by a lot of consumers in the local e-commerce industry, they should come up with a payment solution that is easy to use and simple. There is not that much to explain about cash on delivery payment method, from the name itself, you pay when the items are delivered. If the item did not arrive then there is absolutely no risk for the consumer because he did not put up any upfront payment.

This payment method has been in use for a long time during the heydays of the mail order and catalogue shopping and has been recently adapted to online shopping for its very practical benefits. On the other hand, Lazada’s credit card payment method is one of the best and secured payment systems in the industry. I have been shopping in Lazada and paying using a credit card and everything has been really smooth for me and I never encountered any problems or delays.



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