Two payment methods that Lazada offers for your convenience

accepted payment method

The first thing that a lot of online shopping patrons consider when going online shopping is how they are going to pay for the items that they purchased. This is a very important consideration because; if you are to go online shopping then most probably you are going to encounter the most ubiquitous payment method of all which is the credit card.  The good thing about our current online shopping and e-commerce situation is that we have the best local online shopping mall LazadaPH, that offers two great practical payment methods that suits whatever the customer’s needs are.

The website was touted as the Philippines online shopping mall, or the premier shopping mall because of its aim to popularize online shopping as a very viable and feasible shopping option for the average Filipino. Included in the plan of promoting online shopping and getting it known even the less tech savvy market segments is the introduction of convenient and easy to use  payment methods. The company is trying its best to break away from the stereotype that online shopping is an shopping activity that is only confined within the reach of the upper and middle class that owns most of the credit cards in the country. Lazada’s main goal is to make online shopping a regular part of the average Filipino’s shopping activities which is not too remote of a possibility because of the proliferation of gadgets and devices that allows people to access the internet wherever they are coupled with the low cost of internet access in the country made possible by a great and stable communications infrastructure which our country is definitely blessed with. Anyway, the payment methods that Lazada offers to its customers are the credit card payment and cash on delivery payment methods. The credit card is not going to be left out of the picture because it is the default payment that all online shopping companies offer. I have not heard of any online shopping company that does not list a credit card as their primary method of payment. It simply comes with the business of online shopping.

An online shopping company ain’t no online shopping company if it does not offer this payment method. The credit card payment method that Lazada offers is equally convenient, safe and secured because the company uses the latest technology in terms of online payment security. Plus the website is also protected and certified by a security council called PCi-DSS which is focused at e-commerce websites that process credit card payments for customers. I use both the credit card and cash on delivery payment methods alternately. I use the credit card option whenever I find myself running out of cash and in turn I use the cash on deliver payment method when I am approaching my credit card limit set for the month. I use whatever is available really and that provides me the convenience that whatever happens, I will be able to shop if I need to without worrying about how I am going to pay.



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