Lazada Review: Online shopping catches attention

look hereOnline shopping in the Philippines really has gone through such a snail’s pacing as far as progress is concerned prior to Lazada Philippines taking a plunge into our local e-commerce industry. They modified and affected a lot of changes in the Philippine online shopping industry by introducing a brand of online shopping concept that is better in terms of products and quality of service. Lazada is one of the biggest, fastest online retail stores in the country right now and is currently dominating the charts if there is a chart at all that monitors the performance status of online shopping companies.

The company is a first class purveyor of amazing online shopping experience through the variety of product categories they offer. The company offers free delivery available, 14 days return policy and not seven days like the average company provides and cash on delivery payment method. In Lazada, online shopping customers can gain access to high quality products at bargain prices that you can’t find anywhere else and they even have the lowest price guarantee or they will match the price of competitors if you found something much cheaper for the same product somewhere else.

The online shopping category is very diverse, just to give you a hint of what they offer, here’s a quick round up of what they got;  health products, clothes,  mobile and tablets, computers, laptops, gaming consoles, baby clothes and accessories, toys,  home and living, travel and luggage, sports equipment and other novelty items that are of high quality. The company has behind its back the support of a well-known business incubator called Rocket-Internet, which is a Berlin Germany based internet company that has been building online companies since 1999.  Rocket-Internet has put up lots of online ventures counting to 100 online ventures in approximately 40 countries. The main corporate office is in Berlin and they have satellite locations in over 25 countries all over the world.  They currently run over 50 active independent portfolio companies that includes popular names like Mizado, Wimdu,Linio, Zalando, Zalora and of course Lazada and a  lot of other e-commerce businesses in diverse markets.

Rocket-Internet has manpower of over 15,000 professionals in various departments of the company. Employment boost is one of the positive impacts of Lazada’s successful existence in the local online shopping industry and helped a lot of professionals attain gainful employment and career advancement.  Lazada influenced change in the local e-commerce industry by raisin the standards of quality and professionalism in the local online shopping and e-commerce industry through their high level of quality and first-rate customer service. The company raised the level of competition amongst local online shopping websites that will benefit end consumers in the long term. The company also contributed much to the popularity of online shopping by making online shopping doable for all kinds of consumers coming from different market classes. Online shopping’s popularity has definitely increased a thousand fold and that is primarily because of Lazada Philippines’ existence in the local online shopping industry. They really catch the attention of everyone.






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