Lazada Philippines Review: Having Multiple Payment Options in Online Shopping is Great

payment options-visa

I have gone through a very serious online shopping debauchery a couple of weeks ago and I said debauchery because that is what it felt like, it felt sinful but it really felt great, why sinful? Well I spent a great deal of money that I do not have yet and some cash that I got in my piggy bank and yes I use a piggy bank, I use it to save loose change that I could use later on during times of emergency and in my case that emergency is online shopping emergency. I did my online shopping through Lazada Philippines  which in my very humble but accurate opinion is one of the best if not really the top online shopping website but in my books, the company is the top online shopping website.

It is my go to website for most of my online shopping needs and I don’t want to try anything else. I have tried a lot of online shopping websites before mostly the standard fare online marketplace websites where individual sellers peddle their wares. It worked fine for me and in fact I bought a lot of stuff related to my hobbies from those individual sellers like stuff for my mountain bike which can be very expensive if you are going to buy them brand new from retailers. For these kinds of hobbies, second hand is definitely the way to go. However, in between these needs for my hobbies, there are things that I need that I just do not want to buy off an individual private seller like food supplements, skin care products and electronic gadgets. That is where Lazada comes in and shines through, this company carries a lot of electronic gadgets, health supplements and skin care products that me and my wife loves to buy and the best thing about it is that you can put it through your credit card which is not possible if you are purchasing off of private sellers in online marketplace websites. I also find it very practical and handy that the company offers alternative payment methods to the default credit card payment system.

As I have mentioned earlier, I shop till I drop literally and to a point where it almost felt like it is very sinful and forbidden but it feels so great. The cash on delivery payment method came in very handy in these situations. It is easy to get carried away doing online shopping especially if the products are great and prices are really a steal and that is what happened to me. I got carried away purchasing a whole bunch of gadgets, clothing and toys (they are not all for me though as I love giving stuff to my nephews that lives with me at home) that I did not realize that I was fast approaching my assigned credit limit. My credit card was scorching hot and smoking with all those charges that have been put through it then afterwards it got declined and I was advised to put in credit card information which I do not have. The good thing is that I got cash and Lazada offers cash on delivery so everything still ended very well.



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