Cash Payment is an alternative payment Method in Lazada

cash paymentWhen talks of online shopping payment convenience is being brought up in a conversation, the only thing that comes into my mind and most people’s minds is Lazada Philippines This company brought online retail shopping up to the surface of the local e-commerce industry and turned it into something more mainstream or acceptable to the general population of local shoppers steeped in the traditional way of shopping. The feature that makes Lazada Philippines so popular amongst hundreds of thousands of online shopping patrons in the local market is the payment that they offer to consumers that not only makes shopping a lot simpler and easier but also made it a more practical option for people who are into retail therapy and shopping for pleasure.

Payment methods or the lack of practical options thereof was the main hindrance in local online shopping before. I have been a witness to the development and progress of local online shopping like so many seasoned online shoppers these days I have been there done that, I was there since day one that is something that I am sure about when e-commerce and online shopping was just in its early development stages. There was a lot of potential for it to get picked on and assimilated by local consumers. It was a very viable idea that is perfect for the local setting I knew then that the concept is going to get accepted given the local consumer’s propensity towards western ways of doing things. It got picked up but it took a long time and full acceptance of it was only after Lazada introduced an alternative payment called the cash on delivery payment method. This payment method instantly became a hit especially in a country where credit cards or payment using credit cards is not as popular as it is in the united states and other similar first world and industrialized countries. Having this cash on delivery payment method provides everyone a chance to go shopping online and it allows lazada to permeate and penetrate the hard to capture lower class markets that have effectively been kept away from online shopping by the limited payment methods those online retailers prior to lazada offered.

Although I have been online shopping for years now and have tried paying for my online purchases using multiple payment methods like credit cards money order, paypal and other similar online payments services. I can relate still to what those customers felt. When the company offered cash on delivery. I still felt excited and thrilled because I know that I will have a lot of options by which I mean I wouldn’t run out of payment options. I can shop anytime I please because I am not limited by the payment options. If my credit card happens to be unavailable or is over the credit limit which is not an impossibility. I know that I have a payment option that I can resort to I have put the cash on delivery payment to the test when I bought stuff that I need for my kitchen and I was so satisfied by the way the system worked. What has drawn me to it is the less complex way of doing transactions making it a definite alternative payment system in lazada.


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