Lazada Philippines Review: Simple Payment Method that Works

simple payment

Online shopping has never been so easy with the way Lazada PH does business and provides convenient payment terms to the throngs of online shopping patrons that they currently have. I can recall being very reluctant in doing online shopping and being adamant in my resistance to get into this very fun and exciting online activity. I am glad I did throw my self-imposed restrictions and made a decision to keep an open mind and embrace the business method of the future. But first let me give or provide a quick glance on why I was behaving that way against the concept and idea of online shopping.

Well I am not saying that I am technophlegic, in fact I am the exact opposite I am actually a technophile. I love technology and working around it. I am interested in computers and all of that stuff. That level of technological knowledge which I would categorize as deep, cathartic and profound is one of the main cause of my aversion towards doing business transactions online particularly in online shopping websites. It did not help the cause that the first job that I held was as an analyst in a credit card company’s fraud department. That is where I got my exposure to the so called horrors of online fraud being committed against consumers by cyber criminals and thieves. I do not want to use the term hacker because there are different types of hackers and I do not want to be guilty or be accused of generalization. I do not want to lump them together into just one category because the term hacker can mean anything, it could bad or it could be a good one depending on how a person will use his or her hacking skills. There are hackers that use their skills to track other hackers, there are those that work in security departments of companies and use their hacking skills to expose security flaws in the system which is called and aptly termed as ethical hacking. Now going back to my work as a fraud analyst, I used to work all day investigating fraud attempts and unauthorized charges committed against a credit card user.

My investigation will would normally lead me to online shopping websites since that is one of the main location or medium where personal financial information like credit card account numbers can be stolen easily without the customer knowing about it. I have spoken to a lot of customers and I know how upsetting it is to pay for something that you did not purchase. So I told myself that I would not want to be in those people’s situation. I promised myself that I would steer clear of online shopping companies and avoid using my credit card. The good thing is that Lazada came out offering cash on delivery payment method although I would have used my credit card if they didn’t provide that option because I know that Lazada is one of the most secured online shopping websites out there. The cash on delivery is my best bet though because it is a very simple payment method that works.


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