Lazada Review: Got everything taken cared of

we've got your backIt took me some time to finally accept the merits of online shopping and I am glad I took the plunge and did it finally, a big factor in me deciding that it is fun and I should get into it is the online shopping company Lazada Philippines an online retail store that has been the subject of a lot of great reviews all over the internet and outside of the internet, needless to say both online and offline.

The company has been around for more than a year and is fast approaching its second year in the business, well not really close but around six months from now and the company is going to be two years old. It was not until after the company’s first year anniversary that I decided to make my first purchase off the website when most of my friends and family members have already had some experience buying stuff from the. It took me some time because I was a little bit reluctant if I will trust the company, well it was not really about the company but my general perception of online shopping. I have tried online shopping before when it was just starting to get off the ground back in the early year 2000 or it might have been late 1999 I am not really sure my memories are kind of vague and blurred.

However, what I do remember was the situation I have been involved with which I consider as unsettling and upsetting. I would describe it as being ripped off. What happened actually was that I ordered stuff online, basic stuff like sneakers, football jerseys, hats and t-shirts ordered more than 10 of them from an international online shopping website located in the United States. I ordered those things using my dad’s credit card, it was supposed to be my birthday treat however when the package arrived, I found out that most of the articles I ordered are missing. When my dad called the online shopping company, no one was picking the phone up, we tried to get in touch with them through email but it was futile and to no avail. Although it was not my own money and it was not my own credit card technically, I was still traumatized by that situation and that is putting it mildly. I told myself that I will never dabble in online shopping again and from that point on I will just go to a regular shopping mall and make my purchases there, that way I get to take home the stuff I purchased immediately without any hassles. My opinion changed though when I have seen a lot of my co-workers , friends and some  relatives doing online shopping and seem to be satisfied by the service they are getting from Lazada Philippines although I did not immediately jumped right in. I still waited until I was able to gather enough proof that the company is reliable and can be trusted which they truly are.




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