Lazada Philippines Review: Changing the Way Consumers Perceive e-commerce


Online shopping is an activity that transcends cultural, gender, age and other barriers. It is comparable to a pair of blue jeans, something or an article of clothing that is being worn or can be worn by people or individuals of all ages regardless of social status, creed, religion, nationality, gender and other perceived human differences. Online shopping also carries the traits of the internet. On the internet, everyone is equal; everyone has the same shot at different opportunities. It is a level playing field so to speak. I recently went on a trip to a rural area and I was amazed at how internet technology changed and shaped the way people think, act and communicate. It is used to be like or the situation in rural areas used to be like people are always several steps behind in terms of what is new in the world and the new stuff that they hear about are coming from sources like he mainstream media.

When I say mainstream media, I am pertaining to radio, television, broadsheets or newspapers. The so called traditional form of media wherein information or the kind of information being put out is controlled and filtered. The internet provides people with so many different options and encouraged them to think for themselves. It allows them and they can freely choose the type of information that they will put into their minds and that really helped in terms of shaping their thoughts and thinking. Connecting that to online shopping and the positive effects of Lazada Philippines and how it helped people achieve a higher level of consciousness. The company pretty much impacted the way people think about the internet, computers and freedom of speech. It might seem so far out, so far-fetched and so out there but Lazada caused people to become more aware and more interested in e-commerce and the benefits it could bring to them both as a consumer and entrepreneur. As a consumer, it affected them positively in such a way that goods and services have become more accessible and affordable. The doors opened for more buying opportunities and to an abundance of available product information. It encouraged free trade and freedom to do business with relaxed business policies and lesser restrictions. On the business side of things, the company encouraged people with keen entrepreneurial minds indirectly to pursue their own online business venture and demonstrated that e-commerce online shopping and the internet are the stuff of the future that is bound to stay and continuously change and modify consumers habits, ways of thinking and overall business behavior.

Having said all of that, it is a very plausible conclusion that Lazada did not just come into existence to sell products online and turn in profits but rather to contribute to the overall  development of  local e-commerce. The company affected the local e-commerce economy in so many different ways both directly and indirectly and all of the repercussions that Lazada’s foray into the industry constitutes elements that can be deemed as positive and life changing. The effects might not be readily seen on the surface but it sure is being felt profusely.


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