Lazada Review: Cash on Delivery Payment Works Really Well

COD works really wellOnly shopping has become really easy when Lazada ventured into the local online retail industry. Due to that newfound online convenience, I find myself being drawn more into it to the point that it is becoming irresistible for me not to make a purchase on a weekly basis. The company offers all the comfort and ease in online shopping. They have the mobile application that allows you to access the website comfortably on your mobile phone or smart phone. The mobile app is well developed and enables the website to fit perfectly on the screen without being pixelated or grainy.

The result is clear and sharp images that allows for a fun time and exhilarating mobile online shopping experience. I recently went on a vacation to my Grand folk’s home in the province. They do not have a physical internet connection there so I relied on my smart phone and service provider for my internet fix and daily dose of Lazada online browsing. I of course used the mobile application to my advantage. During one of those downtimes in the afternoon when I was just hanging around and lying supine on the hammock hanging on an almost century old mango tree, I chanced upon a really awesome piece of gadget. It was a Mini DV 5MP digital camera in black. The camera as the name implies is a small camera that fits perfectly inside the palms of most regular sized hands (of course it is going to be a regular sized camera if you are going to ask a baby to hold it for you). The camera has a resolution that is better than the regular camera on your mobile phone plus it comes with a micro SD card that you can purchase to expand its storage capacity so you can capture as many moments as you wish. You can also record a video with it. It offers a very high quality 1280×960 video resolution that clocks in at thirty frames per second which in my opinion is better than other larger cameras. It is definitely a small piece of camera that packs a very powerful punch. The description on the website even compares it to bee which in a very small package can do a lot of damage with its very powerful stinger.

Anyway when I saw this gadget, I immediately thought of a thousand ways to use it even though I already have my DSLR, my digi-cam and my Samsung Galaxy phone camera that I acquired recently. Needless to say, I had to have it right at that very moment and place the order online. The thing is that I am going to be staying in my grandparents place more than three weeks and I do not have my credit card with me. I thought of a solution, why not have it delivered to my grand folk’s home and pay by cash on delivery payment method and that is what I did. I placed the order and opted to pay for it cash on delivery. The cash on delivery payment really works and I love it.


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