Lazada Brought Online Shopping to People’s Awareness

people's awarenessI was toying on the internet several days ago when I came across a very interesting article about the history of online shopping. It was a very interesting read because I never thought that online shopping has been around for a long time even before the common citizen has any inkling that the computer can have the ability to connect people across the globe. According to the article, the first online shopping website, it was then called electronic mall was created back in the 1980’s which is exactly 32 years before the popular local online shopping website LazadaPH  was introduced. Like what I have said, people during that era probably did not have even the slightest notion that they will be shopping using a computer 32 years later and get the utmost shopping convenience that only online shopping could bring.

Well what is the point of dropping the history of online shopping? It surely is not for nostalgia but rather to point out that online shopping has come a very long way especially on the local e-commerce front.  It is simply astonishing how the general public and the consumers have quickly assimilated the idea of online shopping and incorporated it seamlessly into their daily lives. It is not very difficult to see why a lot of people has caught on the craze (I am not even sure if it is appropriate to call it a craze, or perhaps it is better to call it a phenomenon because that is what it is really)  It is very simple to see why, online shopping is first and foremost a very fun thing to do, it saves time, money, effort and allows consumers the access to an unlimited variety of products and goods that sometimes are not available through traditional mediums like regular shopping malls and shops. Online shopping websites like Lazada also offers the best deals and the best prices possible through discounts and promotions. The lower prices of products in online shopping malls like Lazada Philippines can be attributed to the lower overhead cost compared to traditional shopping malls and department stores that pay utility bills and lots of employees to keep the business running smoothly.

For someone running an actual store, online shopping companies and websites can be a very serious form of competition as these online companies thrive by offering lower cost and efficiency in their transactions.  Take into consideration that Philippines  online shopping mall Lazada Philippines, The company is among the first online shopping websites to introduce the online retail store concept of online shopping to a market that has been widely predominated by buy and sell websites which is what most consumer’s idea of online shopping is before Lazada started doing their business locally. Lazada brought online shopping to the general population’s consciousness by making online shopping affordable and simple to do. The company’s cash on delivery program and mobile application allowed them to reach a broader audience thus making online shopping a household term in the local e-commerce industry.




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