LazadaPH: Quick and Easy alternative Payment Method

quick and easy2Money is a very important aspect of modern day living that it is very difficult to imagine the state of business and commerce is and life in general without it. It is simply the life blood of the economy, without it, people like us would still be doing the process called bartering. That is using goods to purchase goods. To cite an example, a person may barter a kilo of rice in exchange for a gallon of milk. Anyway, we are blabbering about that because we want to talk about online payments offered by our premier online shopping company  Lazada Philippines.   In the spirit of convenience and excellent customer service, the company came up with a couple of payment methods to make online shopping as seamless and easy as possible.

Having multiple payment methods is very crucial and important in online shopping companies because of the non-physical nature of the transactions. It is very important for the success of the online shopping company because that is how a company gets paid for the products that they sell and if the company will not offer convenient payment methods, consumers will likely to stay away from the company and move to another location that offers convenience.  When Lazada Philippines started operating in 2012, they started off with three methods of making payments. Those payment methods are credit card (credit card is a staple), Dragon Pay (an alternative payment method that utilizes convenience stores and other establishments to process payment although they stopped offering this for some unverifiable reason) and the last one is cash on delivery payment. The payment method that I used on my first purchase was the credit card because it was the easiest payment method for me and I am very comfortable with Lazada’s credit card payment processing system online.

Of course I did my research first on how safe and reliable the company is in handling credit card payment transactions and that research led me to PCI-DSS, a security council that provides a seal of safety to Lazada. PCI-DSS is an international online security council formed by several top financial institutions in the world. The main goal of the company is to audit and scrutinize online shopping and e-commerce websites to make sure that they follow standard protocols in online safety. The only time that I tried the cash on delivery payment method was during the time when I maxed out my credit card meaning I went over the allowed purchase limit and the company did not allow me to put a charge anymore. The cash on delivery payment method came in really handy during that time because the item that I was trying to purchase was really important. I was trying to purchase a refrigerator because our old unit has reached the peak of its useful life and has broken down. Had it not for the cash on delivery payment, my family would have been without a fridge for days which is not good. I know I could have gone to the appliance store to purchase one but I was too busy and the only option I had was to do it through Lazada. Good thing they offer cash on delivery because it really works.



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