More payment methods, more shopping fun

more payment methodsThe advances in information technology have made online shopping easier and less complicated for the average online shopper. There is an online retail company locally that has contributed so much to the progress of online shopping and that is Lazada PH . The company takes advantage of the benefits that technology has to offer to make the online shopping experience as excellent as possible. The technology reflects on how the company does business, it reflects on the quality of products they offer, the seamlessness of their policies and procedures and the level of customer service that they provide.

The process that we are going to tackle is the payment method that Lazada offers and how convenient they are. The method of payment that an online shopping company offers is one of the primary concerns of people who are about to go online shopping with delivery coming in at second. We are mainly going to talk about payments today because it is the most important thing in online shopping second to delivery methods. As we all know, credit card payment is the widely used and default payment methods being used by most online shopping websites both locally and internationally. Credit card payment has had some sort of a negative impression though as fraud and identity theft has become rampant over the years, at least in countries where credit cards are the primary means of making payments both offline and online. However, due to the advancement in encryption technologies, paying by credit card online these days is one of the safest ways to pay and the easiest.

Lazada currently offers two ways to pay for online purchases, the first one of course is the payment method I have mentioned earlier, the credit card method and the second and the alternative way is the cash on delivery payment. Both payments are convenient, it just depends on the consumer’s preference if he or she will opt for the electronic way or the alternative, simpler way which is the cash on delivery payment. Let’s get down to the details of each and the advantages that they provide to the user. Let’s start off with the credit card payment method; credit card payment is of course a tried and tested payment method that is very easy to use. All the customer has to do is key in the credit card account number online and proceed with the check out and like what I have said earlier, credit card security online has improved drastically over the years and that Lazada is using a highly advanced data encryption technology coupled with a certification from an international security council called PCI-DSS which was formed by the top 5 financial institutions in the world namely Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB. The only reason that a consumer might want to opt for the cash on delivery payment would be non-credit card ownership. The cash on delivery payment is great for people who do not own a credit card but still wants to experience the convenience that online shopping could bring.




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