Lazada keeps transactions safe and secured

safe and securedI am so fond of online shopping. It has become one of my favorite online activities aside from watching videos on YouTube all day and hanging out on Facebook to troll people’s wall posts and comments (I am just kidding, I am no troll). What got me hooked to online shopping? Well primarily it is the convenience of shopping that has drawn me into it. The pleasure of clicking a mouse button and have an item sent to my physical address is really priceless. I am an internet citizen or netizen; I inhabit the internet on a regular basis during all of my waking hours. I do my work on the internet, socialize, and get my entertainment and pretty much everything online. In fact I am a tech geek and I don’t think I will be able to live without my computer, tablet or smart phone and of course an internet connection. I do my online shopping usually through  . This company is the Philippine’s online shopping mall and one of the first online shopping websites to offer the cash on delivery payment service. I love shopping in this online shopping website because it is one of the most secured online shopping companies out there and the most reliable. Why do I trust the company so much and what made me say that they are reliable? Well there are several things.  I am going to draw a line between reliability and online payment security because I think that those two are different things. I am going to tackle the reliability aspect first then followed by online security.

Anyway, the first thing that I look into if I want to determine if an online shopping website is reliable would be the delivery procedures that the company is using. It makes a whole lot of sense because without delivery, there is no way that the item you ordered will get to your doorstep. I would say that Lazada’s delivery process is one of the best in the business. They have the fastest delivery time frames and could delivery your goods within two to three business days or five days tops as compared to other online shopping companies that normally goes for the seven to ten business days delivery time frame. In Lazada, delivery delays are far and few in between, because they are in partnership with two of the best courier service provider in the country. Those two delivery companies I am talking about are LBC and 2GO. I was psyched when I heard that they are using these two companies because I have used them before and I got nothing but praise and accolades for the excellent delivery service that they provide and the reliability that comes with experience in the delivery business.

The next thing is online security; Lazada is known to have a much secured online payment system one that is certified by an online security council called PCI-DSS which guarantees that all online credit card transactions made through Lazada are safe and secured.



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