Lazada Philippines: Easy Payment Methods Motivate Consumers to Shop Online

the bankMe and my husband have been doing our online shopping in Lazada Philippines for some time now and we got nothing but praises and accolades for the Philippines’ online shopping mall. The nature of online shopping and e-commerce has changed a lot for the past few years and the changes that has happened so far is for the good of the industry and for the benefit of consumers.

The type of online shopping that people have gotten used to over the years is just the mere buy and sell type of shopping also known as the swap meet style. Well it is nothing but swap meet done on the internet. It was picked up on successfully by a lot of online consumers and netizens because of its simplicity and ease of transaction. I myself have become enamored with it for such a long time because I thought it was the safest way to do business online and why would it not be safe, you simply talk to the people who are selling the goods and deal with them directly, you get to meet them and up inspect the goods before you hand over your hard earned money and if you did not like what you see then you can just call it off and tell the seller that it is not the item that you are looking for. Simple as that.

Before I was reluctant to shop at online retail type store because of my perception that it is not a safe thing to do because of the amount of personal information that I need to put in. I am talking about payment by credit card of course which from what I have heard over the years is the subject of a lot of online fraud operations. I know a lot of stories about credit card fraud online particularly from online shopping websites because I have previously worked as an account manager for a top financial services provider in the United States and I have seen my fair share of online credit card fraud being reported on a regular basis. That is why I have told myself that I would not use my credit card ever in online shopping.

My perception changed though when I heard about Lazada and how secured and reliable their website is.  The website from what I have heard and from what I have read around the forums and reviews is protected by the latest data encryption technology and is certified by the security council known as PCI-DSS which was formed by the top 5 financial services companies to specifically look after e-commerce and online shopping websites that process consumer credit card payment online. Being certified by this council is one of the few assurances that the company you are dealing with is safe and secured. The company put into place a series of security protocols that needs to be satisfied in order for them to give out the certification seal. Luckily Lazada is one of the companies certified by PCI-DSS and that alone is a huge relief. Plus on top of the credit card payment method, they also offer the cash on delivery payment as an alternative which means having no credit card is not a problem anymore.

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