LazadaPH: The Changing local Online shopping Landscape

changing local onlineA new era in online shopping just recently hit our local online shopping shores. It is the in-thing right now and quite vogue to shop at nline retail stores. The domination of online buy and sell websites is approaching to a stand-still and may take a dent from the competition. A new online shopping website that is dubbed as the Philippines online shopping mall Lazada  leads the new school of online shopping companies in the local e-commerce industry. This website offers Filipinos a different kind of online shopping vibe that they have not quite heard of or seen before in previous online shopping or buy and sell websites that have graced the pages of the local internet domains. This company exudes an aura of premium online shopping that more often than not can only be felt if one is shopping off an international website. Well it is not an accident that the website feels that way because it was created by an international e-commerce website builder and online business incubator called Rocket-Internet that has been building highly profitable and highly successful online business endeavors since 1999. Despite the company’s international roots however, Lazada still emanates a very familiar local flavor since the items and products are familiar brands that can be seen on the shelves of the typical favorite local shopping mall. Plus the company has set up shop in one of the business districts making it as local as it could be.

The grasp of online shopping is very difficult to measure but estimates can be made and those estimates are huge. For the past couple of years, the industry has seen quite an upsurge of participation in this shopping activity. Nowadays, an unofficial statistic says that 80% of the shopping consumers are now doing their purchases online. Having said that, it is interesting to say that the remaining 20% that still sticks to traditional mall shopping also gets online to search for the product that they are looking to get at the malls to scrutinize product reviews and specifications first before they go out and make a purchase. It is also interesting too say that traditional malls with a physical location and also other shops inside them have also gone on and jumped into the internet bandwagon. They recognize the empowerment that the internet could bring to boost their sales and product movement because the internet has become the new stage, the new battleground where business transactions are now being pulled off. Business people all over recognize that without online presence, the success of their ventures may suffer exponentially. The internet is definitely the place to be so to speak.

Lazada Ph is an undeniable proof that the Philippines’ growth and status in e-commerce is fast getting in on the e-commerce superhighway and it is moving fast. The company is instrumental in making a lot of people and consumers realize that online shopping is an activity that is meant to be enjoyed by everyone thus changing the local online shopping landscape.




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