So Many Different Ways to Pay in Lazada

so many different ways

I totally dig companies that provide service that suits their customer’s needs. I appreciate Lazada Philippines for putting up multiple ways to pay for purchases made on the website. There are companies that go above and beyond, bend over backwards, do what it takes and go where the mediocre do not in establishing ties with other company’s just so they could make their customer’s lives a lot easier and more enjoyable. An example of those companies is our very own online shopping mall Lazada Ph. Like what I have said I definitely appreciate Lazada Philippines for providing its online consumers the freedom to choose any payment method that will suit their situation whether logistical in nature or purely financial. In Lazada, they offer two very convenient payment methods. It used to be three types of payment methods but I think due to the interest of simplicity, they came up with the decision to just narrow it down to two for the benefit of the customers as well. We are going to describe the advantages of the two payment methods that Lazada is currently offering so consumers will be guided on what would be the best payment method for them. I will cite no disadvantages on each payment method since both payment methods are great to use it is just that it depends on the consumer’s preference on which one is going to work out best for him. So here they are:

The cash on delivery payment method or popularly or colloquially known as COD is a mode of payment where one is expected to settle the bill for the item purchased online once it has been delivered to the physical address. It is very simple to use and does not require the customer to put up any money upfront as form of down payment or anything like that but of course there will be verifications of information like address and phone number which is of course for the company’s protection as well. There is however areas where the company does not accept cash on delivery payments from so if you are planning to pay using this payment method, check first by putting your complete delivery address on the system. You do not have to worry about this though because you will be informed upon check out if your area qualifies for the cash on delivery payment method and there are not a lot of areas out there that do not so there is still a huge 95% chance that the area where you are currently living in is qualified for it.  The only catch is there are only respective areas where such payment method is available. This payment method is great for people who do not want to bother with credit cards and wants the simplicity of transacting like how they do in traditional shopping malls and convenience stores.

The second payment option is the credit card, actually I could have discussed this one first since this is the primary payment method being offered by the company and is the default payment system for most online shopping websites. The company accepts credit cards from popular plastic issuers like BDO, Visa and Mastercard. There is nothing new with the way they process the payment except of course the safety features of the site which is encrypted and certified by a security council.

In Lazada, there are so many ways to pay; all you have to worry about really is how you will spend the money.



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