Lazada Philippines: Order Now and Pay Later

order now, pay later

Our favorite online shopping company Lazada Philippines puts a nice spin on the not so old catch phrase “Live now pay later”. To put into the online shopping context, it is going to be “order now and pay later” because that is what it is, you order stuff off the website and if you do not want to put up some electronic money upfront then all you got to do is pay it once it gets to your home address. My experience is a testament to the convenience that Lazada’s multiple payment methods can bring to online shopping. I was able to put those payment methods to the test and both of them worked out just fine for me. There are two payment methods that the company offers for customer’s convenience, the two payment methods are the credit card payment method and the cash on delivery payment method.

The first payment method I mentioned, the credit card payment is of course one of the most popular and widely used payment method for online shopping (I think there is no online shopping website that does not utilize this particular mode of payment). There is a reason why this payment term is so popular, widely used and the most preferred by merchants on the online shopping front, it is because it is easier to process and allows the company to collect payment upfront from the customer. It is easy because the customer just needs to put in his or her credit card information online and let the machine do the rest of the work and all he has to do is sit back, relax and wait for his item to be delivered. The drawback however for the credit card payment is that not everyone owns a credit card especially if we are talking about the local online shopping population and not all credit card owners wants to use their credit cards for online purchases due perhaps to the stigma that using credit cards online is not safe. The alternative to the credit card and the payment system that works for everyone regardless of financial status of the cash on delivery payment method, I tried it when I bought a laptop off the website, since the amount of the purchase is something that can be considered as substantial, I did not want to put any money upfront.

I want to have the opportunity to inspect the item, test it and tinker with it before I fully hand over my money. So that is what I did, I ordered the laptop and opted to pay it cash on delivery, when the item arrived, I asked the delivery guy to wait so I could inspect the box and check the accessories out to make sure that everything that was promised online is inside the package. I also plugged the unit in, turned the power button on and tinkered with it a little bit just to make sure that everything is ok. After everything seems to be looking fine that is the time I handed over the money. Something that I can’t do if I was to pay using a credit card. But don’t get me wrong, Lazada’s credit card payment is equally awesome too and the company has a great product return policy if it turns out that something is wrong with the product.  Great payment services from a great online shopping company.


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