Lazada: Easy Payment Terms are the way to go

paidI have been eyeing a particular DSLR camera for the past couple of months and luckily I chanced upon it on Lazada Philippines  with a discount and BDO instalment payment scheme that allows me to pay as little as possible. The camera in question is the Canon EOS 6D 20.2 MP DSLR camera that goes for a whopping P89, 998.00. Well there are other more expensive DSLR cameras out there but this one is the most that my check book can tolerate without spewing blood and guts out and die on the floor flapping like a fish plucked out of the water.  So what am I going to use it for? I actually have something in mind…

Photography of course I mean obviously but what I am trying to say is that I want to get into some serious photography and I want to get paid doing it someday. I am not into it like how a lot of people do nowadays just being a mere dabbler or a photography hipster just because it is currently cool to own a DSLR and shoot photos and pass them off as artistic shots. No, it is none of that. I am planning to take photography courses online and I thought getting hooked up with a mid-range quality camera will facilitate faster learning and quick progress. I checked out the key features of this camera and here is the stuff that I found and I am just going to yap about it here continuously. Here we go… It has a 20.2 megapixel full frame cmos sensor, a broad range ISO setting for comfortable shooting from very bright to very dim lighting situations and the image processor of the future DIGIC 5+, a 14 bit A/D conversion, 11 point AF that includes a very precise center cross-type AF point that comes along with EV-3 sensitivity for focusing in low light conditions and a high quality viewfinder for focusing with utmost comfort.

I will stop at this point because most of the description is pretty boring and technical; the most important thing is that it is simply a bad-ass DSLR camera at a very good price-point. Snap a photo of your girlfriend’s face with it, print it out on high quality paper and bring it with you, it would as if she is with you all the time, that is how crisp, clean and life-like photos out of this baby will normally turn out.  The color of the unit itself is black and looks very sleek and you can wear it around your neck like any other camera since it comes with a very wide strap emblazoned with the brand and model name. The awesome thing about this one is that I did not have to shell out the almost 90 grands asking price for it because I got a BDO credit card in which Lazada is currently running some easy instalment payment schemes with. I love it that Lazada offers such easy payment terms on their expensive items. If there is no easy payment terms such as this one, who knows when I could get my hands on this piece of amazing equipment.


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