Lazada is a one stop online shopping destination

one stopLooking for that one stop shop that carries everything that you might need can be very daunting sometimes. It is not a very easy undertaking especially if you are going to do it online. The concept of a one stop online shopping shop has not been fully realized until the Philippines online shopping mall Lazada came into existence and started offering a smorgasbord of online shopping categories. I call myself as a retired person, retired from regular employment that is because I started my own business at home and I do other freelance stuff that usually just requires me to be in front of my computer and the internet. That kind of work lifestyle got me conditioned to just stay at home most of the time. Ever since I started running most of my income earning businesses and affairs at home, I noticed that I have become increasingly not amenable to going out.

I simply wanted to stay home and relax and do my work there. That is when I started to become a home shopping and food delivery fanatic. I don’t cook that much that’s why I always opt to have my food delivered to my doorstep. It was not that bad because most of the food available for delivery tastes very delicious. I was not that concerned if the food is healthy or not because I take my food supplements anyway, I got them antioxidants frequently so my body is still well-nourished and healthy. Anyway, when it comes to purchasing other things like gadgets, books and new clothing which I do not use that much except for weekend parties and gatherings I also opted to get them online. That is how I got into Lazada Philippines online shopping. I remember when I was looking for stuff to read and by serendipity I happened to chance upon this amazing online shopping website. On the first instance when I got into the website, I immediately signed up for the newsletter that allows me to get a P200 voucher that I could use towards my purchases in Lazada.

I thought that was a really great promotion so I immediately signed up and lo and behold it does work. I used it to purchase a paper back that I have been rearing to read in months. The paperback costs around 300 bucks and they allowed me to use the P200 peso voucher so in essence I only spent around P100 plus the P55 for shipping charges within Metro Manila (of course they would charge a shipping fee if the item cost is less than P1000. If you send above P1000 bucks then that tis the time that you can do away with the shipping charge. If you are located in areas outside of Metro Manila then the shipping charge will only set you back P99 which is pretty fair in my opinion). After that, I started shopping in Lazada for different items that I need around the house like home improvement items and even toys for my nephews. I am so glad that I found a very reliable online shopping website that carries most of the items that I need. It is definitely a one stop online shopping store.


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