Lazada Philippines: Online payments made easier

online payments made easier

Online payments are supposed to be easier like how online shopping should bring convenience to consumers. The online retail store Lazada Philippines is very much aware of that fact. That is why they made online shopping far more convenient than standard traditional mall shopping by providing online consumers with two very easy ways to pay.

The first payment method that the company offers is no other than the credit card payment method which is actually bot very surprising as it is the most popular and perhaps default way to pay an online shopping company. It is the most popular way to pay online because of its convenience. You do not have to worry about preparing cash and the merchant or online shopping store does not need to worry about getting checks or processing payments through other means. All the customer has to do is to key in the credit card account information during check out and authorize the online shopping company to run the charge against the line of credit on the card and that is it. After charging the amount of the transaction, the item can already be shipped out and the customer only needs to wait for it to arrive in front of his door. The advantages of Lazada credit card payment are that it is very convenient, safe and secured. Let’s go to talks about safety and security first.

The website itself is protected by a state of the art data encryption technology that keeps highly sensitive credit card information away from the prowling eyes of information thieves and hackers. Consumers are guaranteed that the security system works by having the PCI-DSS seal of approval and safety on the website. What is PCI-DSS anyway, PCI-DSS is a security council formed by the top five largest financial institutions in the world that focuses on e-commerce and online companies processing consumer credit card information online as payment for services and products.

This company ensures that an e-commerce or online shopping website follows and adheres to established data security standards set forth by the council. In an era where fraud and online information theft has been a regular occurrence, the company plays a very vital role in ensuring consumer’s online security. PCI-DSS is the top Security Council in the industry because of its very high profile member companies that are considered as industry leaders. The council conducts annual audits of online member online shopping companies to ensure that they adhere to established security standards hence online shoppers are always guaranteed that the security procedures of the websites they shop in are always up to date and current.

Lazada is always certified by PCI-DSS and always updated annually ensuring customers that their credit card information is safe and well protected. The other alternative payment method that the company offers is cash on delivery. This is very beneficial for those consumers who do not own a credit card or does not want to bother with the complexity of putting in credit card information online. Either way, both payment methods are made easier by Lazada. Whichever payment method floats your boat, you are guaranteed that things are much easier in Lazada.













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