Lazada Philippines: The Traits of a Reliable Online Shopping Site

checkThe reliability of an online shopping website can be measured by looking at a lot of different criteria. It does not have to be a one way street since reliability contains many different facets or aspects. Being reliable on one aspect is not a guarantee that a website is also reliable on the other attributes. A prime example of an online retail store or online shopping company that satisfies all the reliability criteria there is possible is This online shopping store has only been operating in the local e-commerce scene for less than two years but it has established itself as one of the most reliable online shopping websites in the country. One of the tell-tale signs that the company is reliable can be seen in what it has achieved during the first year of its operations. The company hit the one million sales bar in less than a year, a sales feat that can’t be topped by others in the game.

As they say, the first million is the hardest but that is not the case in Lazada Philippines, the company hit that mark as effortlessly as an established company in the industry. That happened because the company is backed by a seasoned team of individuals that has been building online ventured for more than a decade. That company is called Rocket-Internet. This online venture builder started operating in 1999 where it created some of the most profitable online business ventures that has been exited successfully. Exited means that the companies they have built were purchased by the companies where the original business idea came from (remember they are an online venture builder that replicates successful internet business ideas and launches them in a developing and untapped economy) the background of Lazada alone is enough to evoke impressions of reliability. However, Lazada is all about performance, so here are some of the attributes where Lazada can be relied on. These are key areas of online shopping that the company manages really well.

Delivery time frame – this is on the top of the list since this is viewed as one of the most important aspects of online shopping. Online shoppers of course want to receive the items they ordered on time and as fast as possible. Nobody wants to wait for more than 10 days to get the item that they purchased. Lazada is very particular in this aspect that they the delivery time frame as fast as they could. For regular deliveries within the city or within the enclaves of Metro Manila, delivery only takes 2 to 5 business days which are one of the fastest in the business. A lot of other companies will normally take the regular mailing timeframe of seven days. If you need an item right away, you are assured that the company will deliver and it will deliver fast.

Product quality – The Company offers only the best brands there is and has a very stringent quality policy. They even offer a 14 day return timeframe to demonstrate that they really vouch for the quality of the products they are selling.

Security of transactions – The Company uses the latest data encryption technology to safeguard and protect customer credit card information plus the website is certified by a known online security council called PCI-DSS. They also offer a payment alternative to credit cards which is of course the cash on delivery payment system.

Safety, quality and fast delivery, these are the hallmarks of a good online shopping website and Lazada have all these traits.


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