Lazada Philippines: A Very Usable Website Even for Beginners

usable siteMom just got into online shopping. She loves shopping before but she was just into the traditional shopping at malls and shops. When she discovered how easy and convenient it is to shop online, she got hooked almost immediately. She does most of her online shopping through the Philippines’ number one online shopping company LazadaPH and she has a lot of good things to say about the website, the service and about the company in general. However, she is not the type of voice her opinions out to the internet so it has to be done on her behalf.

Her thoughts on the different aspects of Lazada online shopping are as follows:

Great brands and great product quality – she was very delighted to find familiar brands being carried by the company and being sold on the website. It feels pretty much like shopping in regular shopping malls where brands are popular and familiar which means they are of high quality and very durable. The company also stands by the quality of the products they offer by offering warranties and returns.

Website layout, usability and aesthetics – the website itself is very usable and pleasing to the eyes. The layout is very easy to use and is not intimidating for beginners like mom. As far as visuals and aesthetics go, the website is very appealing and pleasing despite that fact that it lacks bright colors and complex graphic designs. The lines, colors and product categories are well thought out and very clean. This goes to show that a website does not need to be heavily ladened with colors and graphics just to be aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes being on the clean, simple side of things has inherent benefits. It actually helps put things into perspective and allows more focus to be channeled into what matters most, in this case it is the enjoyment of online shopping and getting things done and delivering what was promised to consumers which is great service, quality products and value for money.

Delivery timeframes – the delivery timeframe of Lazada is one of the fastest in the industry taking only around 2 to 5 days for the item to be received. It is very exhilarating to know that you do not have to wait long for you to receive the item that you have been saving up for in months allowing you to immediately enjoy your possession of the item because a lot of people shop for the heck of possessing an item and not always because they need it. Lazaa shines through in this category and does it better than any company out there.

Customer service – Lazada employs the best, the brightest, most courteous phone customer care representatives out there. One noticeable trait of the Lazada customer care representative is the communication skills. The reps that handle the customer service are very articulate and can express themselves very well in both English and Filipino making them very versatile in handling different customer service scenarios. They are also very knowledgeable about the products that the company offers online particularly those products that involves a bit of technical proficiency and familiarity like gadgets and smart phones. They are very confident in discussing technical specs and features.

Overall, this website got the two thumbs up rating from my mom who has never used an online shopping website before Lazada came out. She highly recommends the site to anyone who is looking to enjoy the simple pleasures that online shopping can provide.



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