Lazada Philippines: Using Lazada is such a pleasure

is such a pleasure

My online shopping experience in Lazada Philippines has always been a good one. For the past several months that I have been shopping in this popular online retail store, the website has never ever let me down. It is highly reliable and is always updated with fresh products and new promotions. There are enormous benefits that an avid online shopper can get out of shopping through Lazada as opposed to doing shopping in other online shopping websites located internationally. I am going to enumerate several reasons why I continuously patronize this wonderful online shopping company:

My reasons are:

Location – this is a prime consideration for me lately when choosing an online shopping website. There are lots of pros when shopping in an online store that is located locally (I am going to delve into that later on). I have been online shopping for quite some time now probably at least for the last decade and I the biggest hurdle that I normally experience is the delay in receiving the item that I ordered. For the most part, the cause of the delay is the distance of the online shopping website where I normally shop. I used to shop in back when there were no local online shopping websites available in the country. I also shop through ebay of course. I have ordered numerous items that I have actually lost count of probably hundreds. Most of the stuff that I buy is sneakers, hats, books and other miscellaneous items that are not available here in the Philippines, the items that I ordered usually gets on my front door after month and worst case scenario some would even take more than 3 months. Well that is actually not a worst case scenario because the worst thing that has happened to me is when I did not receive my item even with continuous follow ups and emails. Given all of those disadvantages, you will see what the advantage of having a local online shopping website is. In local online shopping websites like Lazada ph, the delivery time only takes 2 to 5 days which is due to the fact that the warehouse where the products are stored and where the items are coming from is also located within the city. The close proximity allows for a faster processing time resulting to a faster delivery turnaround time. Also, the closer the company is, the easier it would be for consumers to return an item should there be a defect or quality issue.

Website usability – the website is well-made with an interface that is so user-friendly. It is very responsive that I never had any bouts with unresponsive pages and lag times. The instructions are clear to understand and written in a language that is free of jargon.

Product categories – the shopping categories are wide and varied giving consumer’s lots of options which mean that you might not have to look very far in order to find the item that you want.

Last is the payment method, this feature allows people to pay however it is that they want to pay whether they got cash or credit card. This payment flexibility made Lazada online shopping accessible to all types of shoppers.




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