Lazada is The Definition of Reliability


Reliability has a lot of definition and you can’t just sum it in one specific category. It has so many faces. The top online retailer LazadaPH defines what it is to be a reliable website to its consumers. It offers a very easy and convenient online shopping experience with a lot of product options that a lot of consumers can choose from ranging from books, movies, music, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, accessories, toys and babies, gadgets like smart phones and tablets, consumer electronics like MP3 players, gaming consoles and headsets, home appliances both big and small, computers, laptops, skin care products, health supplements, home improvement items grooming accessories, men’s shoes, women’s shoes, designer perfumes and a lot of other things that one will normally find in a traditional shopping mall of course with the convenience of not leaving your home to shop.

The company also offers a couple of payment options that are simplified to make the Lazada online shopping experience as easy and as convenient and fun as possible. The two payment options are the cash on delivery payment method and of course the other one is the staple and default payment method for online purchases; the credit card. The main thing about the cash on delivery payment method is the simplicity of doing business. The online shopper makes the order, have it sent to the address where he prefers it to be delivered, wait for it to arrive and pay for it once it is there. Easy as one two three. This payment method is perfect for those people who does not have a credit card as well as for those people who has one but is not amenable to putting their credit card information online. This payment method has a very huge impact to the way a lot of people does their shopping in such a way that they became more open to the idea of online shopping unlike before when online shopping is very limiting because of the limited payment method that they offer. Lazada captured a much broader audience when they came up with this payment method.

As with the credit card payment method, I would say that they have the most secured online payment method there is which addresses the concerns of people about online security. The website is certified and checked by PCI-DSS annually to make sure that all transactions are safe along with the credit card information of the consumers. PCI-DSS is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, an online security council that established security standards for online shopping companies and e-commerce businesses to follow. IT was put together by the top 5 financial institutions in the world namely Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Discover. That shows how safe and secured Lazada Ph is. When it comes to the other factors that affects reliability such as delivery timeframes, availability of products and reliability of customer support, it is very accurate to say that the company easily dominates those criteria. They define reliability down to the core.  Lazada is indeed synonymous and is the definition of reliability.


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