I am a Lazada happy camper

happy camperWhat is there to say about lazada.com.ph except for positive things. Most people that I know who have gone through online shopping in Lazada all tell me that it has been a great experience on all aspects of the company. Whether it’s customer service, the website layout and usability, product quality, payment methods available, delivery timeframes, courtesy of delivery personnel and security of the website. All of those criteria were always on point in Lazada. The following are my impressions about the different aspects of Lazada’s greatness.

Customer service – this is where the company shines through as this is their best offering. I am going to just drop my two cents worth on the calibre of their telephone service personnel because that is my only brush with the company’s customer service. I do not consider my experience with the delivery personnel as a customer service experience because I would try to analyze that on a different section later on and put it in a category of its own. What I look for in a telephone customer service personnel is tone of voice, courtesy, knowledge and a can do and will do attitude. Regarding the tone of voice, I would say all of the customer service agents that I talked to (I talked to 4 of them) all fared pretty good in this department, their tone was in the middle ground. They were neither too energetic nor too enervated. The tone and energy of their voice strikes a happy medium in terms of dynamics and overall appeal. When it comes to courtesy, they are all very keen on offering the right courtesy statements, the right apology when needed and show proper telephone manners. The focus on what can be done rather than giving repeated apologies that does not get anywhere which I really appreciate. Another thing that I look at is the agent’s level of product knowledge. I like customer service people who know what they are doing and are always all clued up when it comes to product and procedure updates. I know those things because I have worked in customer service myself and my expectations will be naturally high. If I were to give Lazada a rating on customer service and the scale is five stars with five being the highest, I would give the company four stars which is a pretty good number (I do not give perfect scores because I believe in the old saying that no one is perfect)

Product quality – Lazada only carries premium quality brands that have gone through quality inspections. I have encountered a couple of situations where I needed to fill out a return form because there was some manufacturing defect on the product. But that was just it. No big deal really.

Delivery timeframes – The Company has one of the fastest delivery turnaround times in the industry. The timeframe is just 2 to 5 days but of course it depends on certain factors like weather and your proximity to where Lazada’s warehouse is located but in general I am pretty satisfied with the timeframes. Thanks to the company’s partnership with two of the best courier delivery companies in the industry (LBC and 2GO).

I am a happy camper and I probably will be in for the long haul as I have a brand loyalty and I consider Lazada as a brand.


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