I am relieved to know that Lazada is highly reliable

i am relieved

The internet is littered with so many different people and business entities, some are out there to genuinely work for your benefit and some are plainly just after your hard earned money by selling you stuff, getting you to sign up for stuff that you don’t need and other things that you did not solicit for. Those are the other companies but there is one that I genuinely support because I know that the company cares about its consumers. That online company is Lazada Philippines, an online shopping company located locally that has only been in operation for almost a year and a half. This company although considered as local was created by Europe’s online venture building giant called Rocket-Internet which adds up to the company’s highly reliable credentials.

To give one a primer about Rocket-Internet, the company has been creating successful online ventures since 1999 and built over 100 online companies around the world. The company is engaged in the process called business incubation. What does incubation means? It is the process of providing support to new companies during their start-up phase to minimize and if possible eliminate business failure and maximize success and profitability. The concept was born out of the idea that most start-up companies fail during the first two years of operations. That is where Rocket-Internet is present. What Rocket-Internet does is that it looks for a very successful and feasible business model all over the internet usually those websites coming from the United States, Canada and other neighboring European countries. What they do is that they take the best practices and business model and replicate them somewhere else like in other countries that are emerging and with developing e-commerce economies like the Philippines

Rocket-Internet has presence in 25 countries, employs more than 15,000 people and currently operates 50 plus portfolio companies which includes Lazada Philippines. The fact that Lazada was created by one of the greatest online venture builder in the world is enough to say that the company is highly credible, reliable, safe and secured. It is a company that you can trust with your hard earned money. You do not have to worry about online security threats when you are shopping in Lazada.

It is highly protected and is certified by PCI-DSS, an online security council that conducts annual audits on websites that processes consumer credit card information as payment for their services. PCI-DSS has come up with sets of stringent certification regulations that online shopping companies and e-commerce websites must comply with to get a seal of approval. In Lazada, you will be glad to find that they are PCI-DSS certified which is proved by the logo appearing on the bottom part of each Lazada page. A PCI-DSS logo is emblazoned on the web page is in my opinion the best indication that an online shopping company or e-commerce website is free from security vulnerabilities that may otherwise be detrimental to the full enjoyment of online shopping. Always look for the security seal and know that you are safe just like in Lazada Philippines.


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