Lazada: Paying online will never be the same again

paying onlinePaying online will never be the same again because we already have  in our local online shopping arena.  I know a lot of people who are holding back on their online shopping plans because of the limited payment methods available for them. I was like them before, although I have been a credit card holder for almost ten years, I never thought of using it to pay for an online purchase. Honestly I never had any online shopping experience before I got hooked in Lazada online shopping. It was not because I was so technologically challenged that I do not know how to use it online, it was more of too much knowledge.

Yeah that is right the reason why I was holding back on proceeding to online shopping was due to too much knowledge. Too much knowledge about the internet, too much knowledge about computers and too much knowledge about the financial and credit card industry. I previously worked at the fraud department of an international and very popular credit card issuer whose name I will not mention anymore. I was a fraud analyst and I carry out investigations on fraud cases that we are getting in the form of customer complaints on a regular basis. Those fraud concerns will normally involve unauthorized purchases and charges on the card both online and offline as well as identity theft. I got so used to investigating online fraud cases to the point that it almost made me think that everything one does online will either result in unauthorized credit card charges or stolen identity. Prior to that stint as a fraud analyst for a credit card company, I also worked as an I.T security specialist at a consulting firm where I manage data protection, encryption and pretty much everything that involves computer security. Skills and breadth and depth of information that I got from both industries have rendered me paranoid when it comes to online transactions. However things changed when I chanced upon Lazada, this company is different. I checked the company’s credentials and I found out that they are good. They use a very secured data encryption platform that ensures your credit card information is safe from all online security threats and hacking. I love it that the company is also certified and bears the logo of PCI-DSS, a council that scrutinizes the security protocols of different online shopping and e-commerce companies involved in processing customer credit card information.

The other thing that has drawn me into Lazada is the alternative payment method that they are offering to customers which is the cash on delivery payment method. The cash on delivery payment method is a safe, no-hassle way of paying your online purchases. It does not require any money upfront since you only need to hand over the payment to the guy making the delivery. All you need to do is provide your address and home phone number and you’re on your way to utmost online shopping enjoyment. I have also used my credit card in Lazada and it turned out really smooth. Online payments will never be the same again and it is for the better. Thanks to Lazada, online shopper’s lives have never been this good.


One response to “Lazada: Paying online will never be the same again

  1. not true! i did not sign up with you nor did i give out my card…even no time for online shopping then you billed me!

    i now have to replaced my card because of unauthorized billing from your company using my card!

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