Lazada: As reliable as they can be

highly reliable2Online shopping has become the norm in the past couple of years on the local e-commerce front. A huge part is played by the online shopping company which is the epitome and bastion of reliability. The company is responsible for bringing online shopping into the common awareness of the masses that have not fully embraced the concept of online shopping before due in part to the concern surrounding the feasibility and reliability of online shopping companies and online shopping in general. Online shopping did not gain too much ground before the advent of the new online shopping companies like Lazada because of safety concerns. That is because online fraud has been so widespread on the internet and a lot of shoppers are not too comfortable about the idea of using their credit cards to shop online adding to the fact that most online shopping companies are located internationally.

Those problems and concerns were addressed when the Philippines only online shopping mall came to the Philippines, first of the things that the introduction of the company have addressed is the concern about location, this company have set up an office right in the heart of a very popular business district here in the Philippines. The concern about location was a very legitimate one because it is so difficult to trust an online shopping store with your money if you do not know exactly where they are located or if even if you know where they are located, it would be somehow near impossible that you will be able to get to the location just in case there is a complaint that you want to get addressed after you have exhausted the usual mediums where complaints are being handle like telephone calls and email exchanges.

I myself had a very traumatic experience with international online shopping, several years ago, I shopped online for precision longboarding gear because I was into the sport of longboard racing that time (a longboard is the big brother of the regular skateboard that is used for going fast down big hills) and good equipment was hard to come by locally because there are still not too many shops that sell the equipment and if there are, they  do not carry the brands and specific equipment that I prefer so the next natural thing to do of course is to order it from out of the country through online stores and have the equipment shipped out. The payment method of course was through a credit card. The problem was that I received the incorrect size for a particular piece of equipment that I ordered and it was the most expensive one. Returning it was not an option because of the fees and charges that it would entail to have it shipped back to the distributor. In Lazada, problems like that will never occur because they are just around the corner, should there be a problem, you just need to fill out a form and have the item shipped back to process a replacement. It is that simple. Lazada ph is as reliable as they can be.  


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