A highly recommended online shopping website

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Out of the plethora and smorgasbord of online shopping websites offered to me by the internet on a daily basis Lazada is the only one that tickles my fancy and that I highly recommend. There are a bunch of reasons why. Here are some of my reasons:


Local online shopping website – there is not a lot of local online shopping websites so having a local online shopping website is absolutely a fresh idea for me. I have been doing online shopping for years now and most of my online shopping has been done through online shopping companies located internationally mostly in the U.S and Canada. I have a good experience in general in terms of product quality and availability but the only thing that bothers me the most is the time it takes for the items to get to my doorstep. The delivery timeframes sometimes are insanely long even taking more than a month on worst occasions. In Lazada, you won’t have to worry about delivery. Since the company is located locally, their warehouse is located locally as well and that means faster delivery timeframes. The fastest delivery turnaround time that I have experienced so far is two days. It is definitely a far cry from what I used to experience shopping in international online shopping companies. Also the advantage of having the company locally is that it is much easier to process an item return if there is something wrong with the item you ordered which is a difficult and close to impossible task if you are dealing with an international website given the long distance that the item has to travel back and it will also cost you a lot in fees, taxes and shipping charges just to facilitate the return. In Lazada, all you got to do is fill out an application form and have the item shipped back. They will even reimburse you for the shipping fee in the form of a credit on your next purchase.

Cash on delivery payment – it used to be like it’s always a credit card payment when talking about online shopping. Nowadays since Lazada is offering cash on delivery payment option, one does not need to worry about putting in his or her credit card information online. You can make your transactions a lot simpler. You can just place your order and pay for it once it arrives. It is so risk-free and hassle-free because you are not putting up some money upfront. I have been using the cash on delivery payment method ever since I started shopping in Lazada and it has been so easy for me.

Customer service – The company offers the best customer service there is. Their online personnel are always ready and willing to help. They sound really knowledgeable and well-trained.

Easy to use website – the website is very easy to use and easy to navigate, it is not littered with complicated buttons and fancy links. All you get is a straightforward online shopping website that allows for your maximum enjoyment.

I highly recommend Lazada and I suggest you get on it now. I bet that you will not be disappointed.    


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