Loving Lazada more and more

i love shopping

I love online shopping and I certainly love Lazada. That is a very logical analogy that makes a whole lot of sense. I love online shopping and Lazada Philippines is the embodiment of online shopping in the country therefore I love lazada. That sounds very philosophical and poetic. I could not help it but turn wax poetic whenever I utter stuff about Lazada Philippines. Where is the love for Lazada coming from, I mean what is the reason for that fondness emanating so much from the deeper recesses of my being. Simple, LAzada is the best online shopping in the local online shopping arena. They offer the best deals possible on a whole bunch of shopping items like books, music, movies, toys, home appliances, home improvement items, clothes, fashion and accessories, health supplements, baby clothes, gadgets, DVDs, gaming consoles, perfumes, shoes, computers, laptops, mobile phones, cameras, consumer electronics and a whole lot more that will surely delight everyone who graces the hallowed halls of its web page. On top of the wonderful bevy of items that this online shopping stocks are the services that they offer to their avid patrons. The following are also being offered by Lazada:

Cash on delivery – remember those days when this payment method was not available for online purchases? Those were tough times right? People wanted to shop but they can’t because they are not going to be able to pay the purchases they made online. These days it is different, Lazada Philippines has the cash on delivery payment method that makes online shopping like a walk in the park. No need to worry about having a credit card or being uncomfortable about putting your credit card information online because all you have to do is enjoy online shopping, place your order and wait for your item to arrive at your doorstep.

Promotional offers and P200 Voucher – this is awesome, imagine getting P200 for doing nothing literally side from of course typing in your email address on the contact page of the website to receive a newsletter. The company is continuously running the P200 voucher.It is however not actual cash but rather a voucher code sent through your email that you can use during shopping in Lazada. It is so easy to use; all you got to do is put the voucher code on the code field upon check out and watch P200 come off your final purchase amount. Too good to be true? Well yeah it is too good and at the same time, it is true and as real as the air that we breathe around us.

Free delivery – The Company offers free delivery available for purchases above P1000 which in my opinion is fair enough. If your purchase is below P1000, do not fret, you are still not going to pay a huge fee for delivery, it is just going to be 50 bucks for orders within Metro Manila and 99 bucks for provincial deliveries. That is still a very fair price in my opinion.

Now you know why I am so into Lazada Philippines. It is your turn to enjoy online shopping too so get into Lazada while you’re at it.


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