The unequivocal positive website experience

rating2I can understand e-commerce websites, I really do, all of the economics of it, the complexities the subtle nuances of why things appear as they are. That is why when serendipity blew its sweet smelling breath on me and handed down and served me the Philippines online shopping mall Lazada on a silver platter; I was exuberant because I immediately sensed the palpable excitement of the website after hitting on the Google link. My experience browsing through the website is one of the greatest online experiences I ever had. When I said that I understand e-commerce websites I meant that I understand them on a more profound level than the average internet lurker.  I know that to bring about or effectuate a remarkable website experience is one of the decisive elements of customer satisfaction, on whether or not the website visitor will come back for seconds.

Satisfied consumers may or may not speak with colleagues, relatives and friends about a particular item that they purchased off an online shopping website especially if they are satisfied with it (its kind of like the way it is, people talk more about products that they are dissatisfied about rather than the ones that they really like that is how consumer’s brains are wired I guess) but there is a greater likelihood that they are going to spread out by word of mouth a website experience that they have had. If someone had some insipid, less than savory experience they are more apt to tell people about it on their social media networking sites and blogs, consequently, a copacetic, highly engaging website experience may lead to an upsurge of website traffic through organic and grass-roots good word proliferation by the website visitor. Going back to Lazada and my online shopping experience with them, while they may not be the perfect website when it comes to products (I believe that there is no perfect company), the website experience and oh well the overall shopping experience is off the chain all the time.

Take for instance those insane discounts that the company is always running on the website. There is always something going on, something cracking up. It is like they always want to give something out to the online shopping patrons out there. Discounts go up to as much a 70% on best-selling items. Take note the discounts are not just being put on those items that are gathering dust on the shelf (I mean that figuratively of course since the store is online right) unlike what the other stores online and traditional are doing most of the time. I also dig that there are always new drops on the website and it is looking fresh most of the time. That is an important thing for me because I have the tendency to get bored fast when there is a repetition of things that I see displayed on the website. I give Lazada Philippines a five star rating on all aspects there is. I recommend it to everyone who appreciates online shopping convenience and value for money discounts.


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