Lazada: Payment methods that’s very easy to do

very easy to do

Making online payments are integral to the success of an online retail business like Lazada . Making it easy for customers to make payments for their purchases is essential if the website is after repeat business and more website traffic. Our favorite online shopping website and the Philippines’ online shopping mall is very much aware of this fact that they strived to make online payments as easy as pulling out your wallet and handing over some cold hard currency.  Paying online nowadays is easy and it is safer than ever because of cutting edge technologies in data encryption that keeps customer credit card information safe from possible security threats like identity theft and credit card fraud. Those things however is not or rather was not my concern. The concern was that, I need a payment method that does not involve encoding a credit card online not because I don’t trust the recent data encryption technologies but because I myself do not have a credit card under my name. That has been a hindrance to my starting of online shopping. I couldn’t shop online simply because I can’t pay. That has been my predicament as well as the others that I know who wants to go and try online shopping but do not have the mighty credit card.

My little sister actually introduced me to online shopping in Lazada Philippines and it was by chance. She has been doing online shopping for several months and she was not telling me, I only found out accidentally when I was the one who opened the door when the courier delivery guy came over. I asked what it was for and he told me that it was an item from Lazada online shopping website. I was amazed and also surprised when my sister came out with her wallet and pulled out hundred peso bills to pay for her purchase. The delivery guy counted the money, calculated the change and handed it over to my sisters waiting hand. It was as easy as buying something from a sari-sari store or from a traditional shopping mall. It did not involve a lot of verification and all that complex stuff. It was very straightforward.

Very simple. I think that was the main reason why the company has garnered a pretty huge following within a year of its operation. I asked around, like those people that I know on what they think about online payments, credit card and online shopping. Most of the response I got was that it is good for people who own a credit card but it does not mean a lot to those people who don’t.  The general population definitely is into online shopping provided that the method of payment is not going to be too binding and too taxing for them. Hey want something that is the same as transacting at their neighborhood convenience store. That payment method is cash on delivery. I tried it too after I saw my sister receiving an item delivery. It worked for me just fine and I have been using it ever since.  The easiest payment method I have ever used.


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