Lazada: The different facets of Lazada reliability

different facets

There are many facets to online shopping website’s reliability. It’s not just all about online security and online payment but reliability in a way that the website provides everything that you might need, the level of customer care that they provide, the quality of products and other features of the online shopping website all make up the overall reliability rating of the company. Fortunately, if you are an online shopper and wants to have everything under one location then is for you. This is a company that has made its mark in the local online shopping industry by offering hosts of services that has never been seen before by local online shoppers. Take for example the cash on delivery payment system, albeit they did not pioneer the payment method but they used it to help promote online shopping and bring it to the attention of the general shopping public. For an online shopping website to be dubbed as fully reliable, they must have all the attributes I mentioned above. They need to have a secured website, product availability should be near 100%, the knowledge of their representatives should be at par with the benchmarks in the industry and payment methods should be flexible. Those are the hallmarks of a reliable and overall great online shopping website. Let us take a closer look at the different aspects of Lazada’s reliability to see how they would fare on the reliability meter.

Flexible payment methods – an online shopping website that offers just one payment method can’t be fully rated as a reliable online shopping website. The great thing about Lazada is that it does offer multiple payment methods. Consumers and online shoppers can pay either through credit cards or cash on delivery whichever is applicable and more convenient for them. That is online payment reliability.

Product availability – Lazada does not display products on the website that they do not have in their inventory. If the product is displayed on the website that means it is available. If it is still displayed and at the same is no longer available, there would be an indicator on the website that the particular product is currently out of stock.

Level of customer service – Delivering higher levels of customer care is indicative of an online shopping website’s reliability. This is another aspect of reliability where Lazada undeniably shines through. The main face of the company’s customer care is of course the phone customer care representatives. I have had several conversations with different customer care reps from the company and I never had any trouble. They are very consistent with the information that they provide to callers over the phone. I once tried calling multiple times in one day asking the same question so I could check if all of them will answer the same way. To my amazement, nobody flinched. All I got was the same answer from every representative I talked to and I talked to like around 8 reps at that time. I give them plus ten points on the reliability scale. Consistency is reliability and Lazada customer service definitely showed that.

Reliability has many facets, it is not just being reliable on one aspect and the rest can be skipped. The ideal should be full on coverage. That is what Lazada is.


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