Great features of the Lazada website

great features

There are lots of things that make a website great and Lazada mostly have those great attributes. Let’s put everything into perspective and deconstruct each feature so we could have a better understanding why we should consistently shop in Lazada Philippines. Let’s start off with the promotional offers:

Get a P200 voucher just by signing up on the newsletter – the newsletter is sent out via e-mail so there is not that much required here except of course you need to have an email address (which I surmised that everyone already have it). Signing up for the newsletter is like picking up a P200 off the street. It is absolutely free money. Although the company won’t send you an actual P200 bill because they plan on compensating people who signed up for the newsletter by sending a voucher code through email (the one that you keyed in for the newsletter) that you could use as a discount code on your next Lazada purchase. This is so cool because I bought a book off Lazada then I used the P200 voucher code upon check out. I even opted to pay cash on delivery. The book costs only around P320 which means applying the voucher code will give me a discount of P200. I was so happy when the delivery guy only asked me to pay P120. Now that is what you call savings.

Accessibility of the website:

Mobile version – The proliferation of smart phones, tablets and such similar devices has made internet access increasingly mobile. That is why more and more businesses are now releasing mobile versions of their websites so they can be accessed by their prospective clients whenever and wherever. A mobile version of a website is a version that is customized to the size of the device where it is being accessed on so it can be viewed easily and comfortably without bothering too much with enlarged fonts and scrolling endlessly just to read a short item description. Lazada Philippines is of course not one to be left behind in terms of these types of advancements (it would sound ridiculous if they are to be left behind on these types of things because the company was developed by one of the top online venture building companies in  the world) so they recently unleashed the mobile version of the website so the consumers can pull up Lazada and shop wherever they are and when they want to do it without worrying about getting on the nearest computer available.

Intuitive website interface – the website per se is very easy to use. There are no fancy and complicated buttons on the interface. The things that are displayed on the website are just the things that are needed to make online shopping a very worthwhile experience. What you see is what you get.

Customer service – the customer service hotline is open during regular business hours Monday-Friday and even during Saturdays and holidays. The Lazada customer service from what I construe when I called them is that it is in-house which means that they work directly for the company and in turn can provide a much better level of service.

These are just some of the great features that make me go back again and again. I even recommended it to everyone I know.






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