Fully reliable on all aspects

on all aspect

The growth of online shopping has seen a steady increase over the years and all signs lead to the conclusion that there is no stopping the proliferation of online shopping. It started mostly in the U.S and of course the Philippines won’t be left behind and started to rapidly catch up, in front of the revolution leading the pack is LazadaPH  . There are also a whole bunch of other online shopping websites that followed suit in the e-commerce and online shopping gold rush making it look like it is the 1848 California Gold Rush all over again but this time they are not digging for gold, they after an online customer base. The online shopping arena has indeed become very crowded and it is becoming harder and harder to tell if an online shopping website is real or not. I mean all of them are real but the question is going to be on reliability. Lazada Philippines is an industry leader and their reliability is unquestionable. But what about the others, of course you are not going to shop 100% of the time in Lazada, there would be times that you will go check out other sites in case Lazada do not have the item that you are looking for in stock. There are things that you can do to filter out unreliable online shopping websites and here are some of them.

#1. Do your research by Googling forums, review websites and ratings. Check your prospect website’s reliability rating. Look for the real commentaries and if possible try to interact with the forum posters on a more personal level just to find out that they are unbiased with their opinions (some forum posters are affiliated with the websites and are paid to neutralize negative comments). Also, try to counter check with people that you know if they have tried a particular website out. Nothing beats the opinion of a friend or a family member on matters like these.

#2. Check if the stocks online are updated regularly or if not regularly at least periodically. If new product stocks are updated, that is an indication that it is an active website and products are moving. If products are moving that means the site has lots of satisfied consumers which is a good thing.

#3. Sign up for the website’s email list. An active website sends out updates through email about their new promotions and product drops.

#4. Dial the customer service number to see if there is someone you could speak with in case you have questions of complaints. An online shopping website that does not have a customer service number is unreliable in my opinion.

#5. Review the product descriptions and specifications. They should provide as much detail as possible


#6. Check other payment options. A reliable website provides the consumers with more than one payment method.

#7. Lastly and the most important thing, check for the websites seal of certification. Check if they have something like a PCI-DSS logo displayed on the website. This is the best indicator that the website is safe from security vulnerabilities.


Conclusively, Lazada complies with all of these filters and it makes them the most reliable online shopping website in the market today.


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